Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lotta Polluta Blog Went Viral in February. Story and links below:


Documentary blog:
Environmental Art blog

Pollution pics on page 1 of Treehugger on 2-15-10

Polllution pics on page 2 of Treehugger slideshows 2-18-10

Treehugger newsletter to 40,000 members

Got this note from Treehugger writer, Jennifer Hattam, on 2-19-10
your slideshow got picked up by Boing Boing, which is a
really popular tech/culture site:
Basically, what that means is that a lot more people will be seeing your work!

Pollution pics go viral on Ask for: pretty pollution pics on treehugger

First place in 26th Women’s Art Registry of Minnesota (WARM) Show

CURE Banquet, Montevideo, MN 2-21-10 donated photos—approx 250 people.